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Using your pottery
Raku rules humans
Pewter-old, but new

Andy Brinkley

Tin Woodsman Pewter Co.


Cape Fear Coppershop

Greg Hessell

Cricket Forge


Hays-Cash Designs

Silver Seasons Table Art

Garden Treasures

Donald Gehlken

Harmony Hollow Bells

Laughing Hill Studio

EVB Designs

Judy Vilmain

Light Miner

Garden Treasures

Churchill Weavers 

David and Dorita Reyen 

Carrol Kay

Kate Greenhalgh

Corinne Montreal

One by One Designs

Leni Hoch

Robert Eickholt

Robert Held

Karen Ehart

Luke Adams

Goose Rocks Chimes

The Glass Eye Studio

Jones Glassworks

Mark Hines

Back Porch Glass

Buzz Blodgett

Splendor in the Glass

Linda Thiltgen

Fire and Light

Hulet Glass

Little River Hot Glass

Karen Kerr

Larry Lee

Barrick Candles

Rosy Rings Candles

TS Pink Soap Rocks

Sharon Puccini

Ace Basin Crafters

Vernon Carne, Kangaroo Rain Music

Reclaimed Wool

Leaf Leather

David Kalish

Chesnik Kaleidoscopes

Stained Glass Originals

Ultimate Reflections

Henry Bergeson







        Welcome to The Craftseller

We hope that you will be able to visit us in person some day, but until you can, take a look through the website to get an idea of some of the terrific work that we have.  Give us a call if you see something you are interested in, and we will see if it is available. 

Below are some of our jewelry artists.  If you have ever visited The Craftseller, you know about our famous wall of earrings!  To the right is a list of our ceramic, wood and print artists.  To the left are our metal, textilesglass, candle and kaleidoscope artists.

Holly Yashi             Desert Heart           Ann Lewis          Mullanium

Micheal Michaud        Statements        Brian Bentley      Erika Sturm

White Light Productions      Kathleen Maley          Rennaissance Glass

Anita Edwards       Alchemy          TK Connor           Riverlily

Brown Dog Designs     Kabana     Leslie Madden     Jewelry 10

Sara M. Peterman        Blue Bus Studio        Whitney         Peter James

Cavin Richie         Liztech         Austin Designs       Basic Elements

Hayden Brook Studios        Roggio Silversmiths       The Gilded Lily

Auntie Bellum Jewelry         Wild Bryde          Stuart Nye      Pearlstone

Wild Women, by Mary Louise Mahoney           Joyce Fritz, Yipes!

Moonbabies        Sienna Sky        Trisha Waldron      Mark Steel

Hogan & Bolas          Kenwood Porcelain Jewelry

Swift Arrow        Sergio Lub          Peter M     Julie Howison

Christine Bennett     Randi Chervitz     Funky Pretty    Smitten

Marco Polo     Art Zone, Gregory Pyra      J. & C. McKenzie

World Traveler    


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Barking Spider Pottery 

Terry Acker

Newman Ceramic Works

Biff Bourne 

Bay Pottery

Hank Goodman

Bill Campbell

Nancy Rasch Salamon 

Tom Edwards, Wallyware

Allan Ditton

The Clay Coyote

Holman Pottery

David Stuart

John Bailey, Wild Goose Pottery

Russell Pottery

Bay Pottery

Joyce Branch

Sylvia Coppolla

Anthony Stoneware

Judy Jackson

J. Davis

Sunrise Arts

Little Guys, Cindy Pacileo

Stone Soldier

Raku Art, Wm. Turner

Round Tree Pottery

Wortman Pottery 

The Potters

Devon Cameron, Gourdaments

Davin & Kesler

SMRD Theatricals


Donna Ireton Baskets

Jonathan's Spoons


Kyle Ellison, Kentucky Springs

Warren Vienneau, Turned Works

JK Creative Wood

Gina Rosencrantz

Neil Devore, Shavings


Moon Spoons

Jorgensen Woodworking

Catania Folk Instruments

Friendswood Brooms

Studio 78, Wendy Grossman

Ginny's Ear Nest

Salmonberry Studios

Kutzkies Artworks

Lisa Ritchie, Cheap Therapy

Retro Pets by Krista Brooks

Painterly Photography

Linda K. Cole

Ann Seibel,  Palmetto Silhouettes

A Pigeon in Our Parlor

The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Co.

Charleen Martin


"Have nothing in your houses you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." William Morris
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